Are you tired of being addicted to your business?

Been there.

Not too long ago, that was me. I was working in my 9-5 as a Project Manager at a one of the largest corporations in the world, running my baby business AND trying to have a life. 

It seemed I was married to work.

I was overworked, exhausted and completely over-whelmed. I just couldn't keep up!

For some reason I thought success  was measured by how much I stayed engaged in work. It's like my business was a drug and I would have withdrawals if I wasn't checking my stats or at someone's beck and call. Which was totally detrimental to my health and my relationships.

Sound familiar? 

For almost the last decade of my life, I have worked for some of the largest corporations in the world streamlining and improving their processes and workflows. All I had to do was take a step back and treat my business (and life) like I had my corporate clients.

But I also needed to start taking care of myself too. So I upped my personal development game as well.

In two very short months my world did a 180.

I had my time back...and I strategically invested it back into my business (and at work!). Now I work less and enjoy life WAY more. I am able to do what I actually love. My community and business explode. My relationship with my family and myself have never been better.

How? I work from a place of rest and flow. I'm no longer forcing and my business is set up in a way that allows me to do that.

You can have this too, you know. All you need is some intentional strategies and a whole lot of soul.

Here's the thing. I wanted to create a space where ambitious women could connect, grow from a soulful place, have access to mentorship and it not cost them more in a month than they would pay for their morning Starbucks.

So I created

The Strategy and soul vip

A subscription based mentor service. With this you can gain access to me and all of my trainings for about what you would pay for a girl's night out. (or $2.67 per day!)

Here is what's inside:

a jam packed resource library

a private accountability group and community 

3 Live Group Call Per Month

new trainings added to the library (based off of feedback)

New resources added as inspiration strikes me



(Lifetime Access Upon Request)

See what's already inside waiting for you!

course library sneak peak.png
resource library sneak peek.png

See what others are saying!

Ashley Schackow -Blank Slate Media


Gina is simply superb. She provides an insane amount of value both within the program and through support. Her course is a grand slam if you are looking to finally kick those excuses to the side and really start planning and executing your goals. Gina provides honest, educated, and well-thought out answers to any questions you might have. She really wants to see you succeed and does what it takes to be able to get you there. (Sometimes with a little shove!) I would highly recommend Gina's program and urge you to take the leap. I did and believe it or not, I already feel so much more confident within my goals and the next 90 days with my business!

Melissa McKenzie - Triple M Studio Design 


Gina is fantastic at what she does. How she brings her extensive experience and knowledge from her corporate past makes me take her tips and tricks very seriously and trust that she knows her stuff. She has a very contagious personality and genuinely wants to help others. The way she teaches you to plan and organize your goals from big picture goals, all the way down to daily tasks, makes it much less overwhelming. It gives you that much more confidence in what you can accomplish and what you should spend your time on. Being a mom of 3 under 3 and a home-based business owner, I need all the tips I can get on where to spend my time and energy. Thank you, Gina! <3



(Lifetime Access Upon Request)

With a MBA in Project Management and 7+ years in the field of IT Project Management and Process improvement working for some of the largest corporations in the world, I'm not your average "productivity guru" or "coach".

I live and breathe this stuff. Seriously. I am obsessed with it because I never want to be in that place again and I want to ensure no one else has to either! Working from a place of rest is my number 1 priority.

Now it's your turn.

Here's the deal. You have two options - you can either continue to be a machine working all day every day, buy every planner out there trying to get your hands around every thing you have to do, read every book and buy every productivity and business management course under the sun and hope things finally come together.

Or you can choose to take what works, streamline your processes, start managing your business like a pro and jet into freedom by working from a place of REAL rest, not hustle.



All the Details

Who is this program for?

If you are a bad ass, ambitious woman who is struggling to find a way to work less, get more done and leave the 24/7 hustle, in the dust this program is perfect for you. If you are sick of the programs out there that cost more than your Rent/House Payment. This is for you! I especially love working with women who are unbelievably driven and want to get shit done.

What if this just isn't for me?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Since this is a membership subscription, there are no refunds if you cancel in the middle of the cycle.

For additional questions, contact me at