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Melissa McKenzie - Triple m design studios

Gina is fantastic at what she does. How she brings her extensive experience and knowledge from her corporate past makes me take her tips and tricks very seriously and trust that she knows her stuff. She has a very contagious personality and genuinely wants to help others. The way she teaches you to plan and organize your goals from big picture goals, all the way down to daily tasks, makes it much less overwhelming. It gives you that much more confidence in what you can accomplish and what you should spend your time on. Being a mom of 3 under 3 and a home-based business owner, I need all the tips I can get on where to spend my time and energy. Thank you, Gina! <3

Ashley Schackow -Blank Slate Media

Gina is simply superb. She provides an insane amount of value both within the program and through support. Her course is a grand slam if you are looking to finally kick those excuses to the side and really start planning and executing your goals. Gina provides honest, educated, and well-thought out answers to any questions you might have. She really wants to see you succeed and does what it takes to be able to get you there. (Sometimes with a little shove!) I would highly recommend Gina's program and urge you to take the leap. I did and believe it or not, I already feel so much more confident within my goals and the next 90 days with my business!


Mary Siddall - Balance My True Self

I have here a whole model of how to manage my business for many many months. I am extremely grateful that I took her course. I recommend it to everybody, wherever you are, if it is just starting or not. You definitely would get so much value with this.


Danielle L. Jones - Hey Hunn Paperie

Gina showed me how to overhaul my overwhelming to-do list. I used to mentally shut-down at the very thought of having to do “all-the-things” in such a short window of time. It was so hard to balance my day job with building my dream. Gina’s straightforward advice on batching similar tasks and using productivity apps have been real game changers for me. A quick glance at an app on my phone, and I can maximize short moments of free-time by knocking out a bite-sized task. She helped me to realize that I am still in the building stage of my business and by analyzing and setting-up my processes now (the right way!), I’ll have a strong foundation for my business to thrive. I’m more transparent and can better set my clients’ expectations, as well as give myself the flexibility and time I need to do what matters to me the most—creating. Gina is full of ideas and has a unique perspective on productivity that you don’t want to miss out on.

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