That's why you're on this page, yes? To learn a little more about me? I'll preface this with I really hate these stupid things. They shove you in a box and people make quick assumptions about you. But whatever. It's fine. Just keep in mind that there is SO much more to me than what you see listed here. I'm told that I am awesome. You be the judge.

Ok, short and sweet. 


Personally I'm a...

Wife to an extremely handsome and amazing man that I met when I was 14 years old. We're just two best friends that decided to be partners for life. It's working pretty well. 

A mom to two adorably mischievous dogs. They are my favorite co-workers and occasionally make cameos in some of my work.

A daughter to two of the worst senior citizens on the planet. My parents are completely kick ass and I don't even try to keep up with them. Their drive is why I have seen as much success as I have. 

A farm girl. I grew up on a 28 acre farm in Alabama (please don't call it Sweet Home Alabama. Stupid Skynard song...)  helping my dad break (sucks being small sometimes) and train horses. I could typically be found getting yelled at for doing donuts in the pasture on the zero turn tractor. No regrets.

A gardener. I am that person that will break off a piece of a plant that I see out, root it and love it to a full blown plant all my own. My patio is a jungle and my husband is less than impressed.

I hoard books like a squirrel hoards nuts for the winter. I actually HAD to switch to e-books because it was becoming a bit of a problem. I was stashing them in every room. 

I was a majorette in high school and college. I twirled fire batons, knives and can twirl three at one time (one is in the air for all you smart asses out there)



Professionally I'm...


Damn good at what I do and I'm not shy about it. People are consistently reaching out for me for my services, that means I'm good. If you're damn good at something you shouldn't be shy about it either.

Extremely driven.

I'm results driven. That means I'm tough on my clients because I want results for you too. I'm not politically correct (while I do try to remain respectful) and I will push you. Weak or sensitive people should not apply. Touchy-feely doesn't happen over here.

A former project manager. I've done it for multi-billion dollar businesses for years....all before I turned 30. Not bad, if I do say so myself. 

I have a MBA. I earned it while working full-time and building my business from the ground up. It's most likely not relevant, I just like to say it because I'm proud of it.

Currently I'm focused on two things...

  1. Partnering up with AWESOME entrepreneurs to help them design and launch their BEST programs!

  2. Continuing to grow my reach and impact in the online community, while being true to myself, holding my business to the highest level of professionalism and leading with integrity. 


Contact me for speaking, media interviews or personal coaching.

One of my favorite things that I get to do is share my knowledge with others.